An efficient conference and event organisation for the planning and coordination of congresses, conventions, meetings and cultural events.

In addition to its splendid premises, the centre provides efficient event organisation for the planning and coordination of congresses, conventions, meetings and cultural events. The Conference Centre can also provides catering services. We also offer a range of accessory services which will guarantee the success of any event, from room hostess staff, secretarial services, event venue technical assistance, simultaneous and consecutive translation, transcription of proceedings, graphic services and printing. We are at your disposal for further information on hotel bookings, bus timetables, service lines, costs, taxi bookings and all other services of the conference centre.

Where We Are

Via Guelfa 40
52044 Cortona (AR)

Telephone and Fax

Tel. (+39) 0575 630158
Fax: (+39) 0575 630227

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How to Exhibit

The outdoor spaces along the 13th-century cloister and the large church used as an auditorium are both attractive and cutting edge places that the Centre makes available for exhibitions and events. It is also possible to visit the spaces or meet the artists who have used the Centre in the past for artistic projects ranging from contemporary art to theatre. The Cloister can be rented for 7 days, while the Auditorium requires a minimum of 10 days.

How to Visit the Conference and Event Centre

The Conference Centre is also home to the administrative and management offices of Cortona Sviluppo S.r.l. and can be visited on request during office opening hours. It is advisable to book a visit by telephone or email as the indoor halls, cloister or exhibition spaces cannot be visited and accessed by the public if conferences or other events are taking place at the time. Of particular historical and artistic interest is the ancient cloister, built around the middle of the 13th century and decorated with 29 frescoes, recently restored, depicting episodes from the life of Sant’Agostino.

Where We Are


The Sant’Agostino complex, consisting of the church and adjoining convent, is considered one of the oldest in the city of Cortona.

Meeting Rooms

The Sant’Agostino Conference Centre has several types of meeting/events room equipped with the latest and most innovative technology and can offer both indoor and outdoor event spaces.

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